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Brian Sullivan is a proven local leader with the trusted experience that Snohomish County needs.  


Brian Sullivan has proudly served the people of Snohomish County for over 30 years.  He graduated from Everett's Mariner High School where he was ASB Vice President, and enjoyed growing up and living in Snohomish County.  He displayed his strong work ethic and determination throughout his years at Mariner high school and the University of Washington as a two time state wrestling champion and helped coach wrestling at Central Washington University while studying Political Science.  Through a combination of his community oriented service at the Boys & Girls Clubs and his passion to become the best in wrestling, a truly unique and determined public servant was born.  Brian became one of our most well respected leaders in the community that has truly made a difference to the people who need it most.



At the age of 23, Brian was elected to the Mukilteo City Council.  This start in the public sector gave Brian the opportunity to become the Mayor of Mukilteo at the age of 29.  Considered one of Mukilteo’s most well loved mayors, Brian made a big impact on Mukilteo by building a fire and police department from scratch, implementing key financial policies that left the city with millions of dollars in reserves and growing the city through economic development more than any other Mayor of Mukilteo.



Brian continued in his passion to make a positive impact in our county by serving in the Washington House of Representatives as a State Representative from 2001 to 2007.  Known as one of the hardest working legislators in Washington, Brian championed numerous bills.  



He was known as someone who knew how to make things happen by appealing to representatives from all parties and was very well respected for this ability.  While he loved his time in the legislature and enjoyed his success at effectively getting bills passed, his passion for community brought him back to Snohomish County where he has served on the Snohomish County Council from 2008 to present day.   Brian is currently in his third term representing the 2nd Council District as Chair which covers the cities of Everett, Mukilteo, areas of unincorporated Snohomish County and the Tulalip Indian Reservation.  In addition to working tirelessly as your Snohomish County Councilman, Brian chairs the Finance and Economic Development Committee and chairs the Snohomish County Health Board. 


When elected as Treasurer, Brian rolled up his sleeves and plunged into business. Hiring a leadership team and reorganizing the office to reflect the newest technology.  The Treasury successfully introduced a new "Community Investment Program in the first two years."  The purpose is to invest up to 5% of Snohomish County's billion-dollar investment pool in local projects. The Treasury will work to invest locally in our community banks, credit unions, and housing and infrastructure with new policies in place. 



Brian is a successful small business owner and a proud father to Riley and Michael.  He owns and operates commercial properties and owns a restaurant, “Sully’s” in Mukilteo.  He understands the needs of our business owners, the importance of supporting our local businesses and growing our local economy while addressing concerns in our community.

Brian works tirelessly to bring positive change to our community.  Here are just a few examples of his achievements:

  • In 2018, Brian created a financial reform package for Snohomish County that brought fiscally responsible efficiencies, oversight and a significant rainy day fund to protect the county's future budgets.

  • Brian sponsored the Boeing bill that brought the 787  and kept aerospace jobs in Everett.

  • As chair of the Natural Resources Committee, Brian acquired millions of dollars for the Asarco Cleanup in North Everett.  

  • As a member of the Transportation Committee, Brian was key in helping fund the 41st Street overpass project. 

  • Worked hard to acquire funding on behalf of the City of Everett for the four year WSU campus 

  • Provided $4 million dollars in county funding to the City of Everett for the construction and operation of the animal shelter

  • Brian helped raise approximately $7 Million towards the property and construction of a new Boys & Girls Club building

  • Brian stood up to the pharmaceuticals and led the drug take back program to help with the opioid epidemic.  Snohomish county is only one of 5 counties in the country to be successful at this!

  • As Mayor of Mukilteo, Brian grew the city more than any other time in its history during his tenure and left Mukilteo with a $5 Million surplus.

  • Brian co-sponsored the Domestic Partnership Act and helped get it passed in the WA state Legislature.

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