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"To improve the county's fiscal integrity, transparency, and trust as Snohomish County Treasurer."
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Integrity: A trait Brian has worked on his whole life through actions and deeds. 
Fiscal Responsibility: Nobody knows or understands the importance of effective budgeting.  As a Mayor, Brian left the city with millions in surpluses.  He created Snohomish County's first "Rainy Day Fund"  and developed long-term financial policies still in use today in local and state governments.
Transparency:  Brian hired and developed a new position in the Treasury to ensure transparency.  A lifelong passion for building trust with the public.
Work Ethic:  Brian is known to work seven days a week and participate at the national level for better government.
Long Term Investments:  The Treasurer has spent the last two years developing new investment policies to ensure the highest rate of return for the taxpayer.
Project Expansions:  Brian initiated the first "Comunity Investment Program" In Snohomish County. He was reinvesting locally and creating jobs and opportunities. 
Senior Property Tax Discounts: Brian sponsored new updates to senior discounts on property taxes as a state legislator. He will work hard to extend this critical policy to as many seniors as possible in the coming years.
Taxpayer Bill of Rights:  Brian introduced and will continue to improve on a Bill of Rights for the Snohomish County Taxpayer.

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